Visit the most beautiful Champagne cellars

Meet the winemakers along the Champagne touristic road

What to visit in Champagne? A good question to ask yourself in front of the multitude of the cultural wealth of the region! Knowing that champagne wine tourism is highly developed, you have a particularly rich catalog of choices. Winalist offers you to select your activity among the best wineries, museums, wine bars,… in the region. If you’re lacking in inspiration, check out our wine tourism blog for some great ideas. We test for you all the activities proposed by our partners along the Champagne touristic route.

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La Cité Du Champagne Collet

32 Rue Jeanson
51160 Ay

Champagne Vincey

6 Rue du Mesnil
51190 Oger

Office Du Tourisme Epernay “pays De Champagne”

7 Avenue de Champagne
51200 Épernay
7.5€ - 20€

Champagne Simon Rion

3 Rue des Auches
51390 Courmas
15€ - 25€

Les Sensations Vigneronnes

14 Rue de la Poterne
51200 Épernay
40€ - 50€

Le Wine Bar By Le Vintage

16 Place du Forum
51100 Reims

Champagne Du Rédempteur

30 Route d'Arty
51480 Venteuil

Champagne Vollereaux

48 Rue Léon Bourgeois
51530 Pierry
12€ - 32€

Villa Bissinger / Ecole Des Vins De Champagne

15 Rue Jeanson
51160 Ay
Free - 25€

Balade à Vélo électrique En Champagne

Place de la République
51160 Hautvillers
35€ - 55€

Champagne Christian Muller

35 Rue de la Libération
51500 Mailly-Champagne

Champagne Sylvie Moreau

9 Rue des Tilleuls
51390 Saint-Euphraise-et-Clairizet

Champagne Vincent D’astrée

1 Rue Carnot
51530 Pierry
8€ - 15€

Champagne Boulard-bauquaire

30 Rue du Petit Guyencourt
51220 Cormicy
3.5€ - 20€

Champagne Albert Beerens

37 Rue Blanche
10200 Arrentières
8€ - 30€

Champagne Hélène Delhéry

Chemin des Garennes
51160 Hautvillers

Champagne Charles Mignon

6 Rue Irène Joliot Curie
51200 Épernay
9€ - 12€

Champagne R. Vizeneux & Fils

18 Rue du Tilleul
51700 Baslieux-sous-Châtillon

Champagne Poirot

Ruelle Pernet
51130 Bergères-lès-Vertus
12€ - 25€

Champagne Jean-louis Chauré

6 Rue de Vavray
51300 Bassuet

Le Sentier Du Vigneron

Place de la Mairie
51160 Mutigny
15€ - 20€

Champagne Jacques Copin

23 Rue de la Barre
51700 Verneuil
15€ - 45€

Champagne Franck Debut

Rue des Grattières
51220 Hermonville

Champagne R.h. Coutier

10 Boulevard des Fossés de Ronde
51150 Ambonnay

Champagne Delavenne Père Et Fils

6 Rue de Tours sur Marne
51150 Bouzy

Champagne Dagonet & Fils

210 Rue de Fismes
51160 Hautvillers

Champagne François Vallois

10 Avenue des Comtes de Champagne
51130 Bergères-lès-Vertus

Champagne Thuillier & Filles

8 Rue du Moulin
51270 Beaunay

Champagne L’hoste Père Et Fils

Rue de Vavray
51300 Bassuet

Champagne Guy Remi

13 Rue Valentine Régnier
51700 Baslieux-sous-Châtillon

Champagne Assailly

6 Rue de Lombardie
51190 Avize

Champagne Jean Marniquet

12 Rue Pasteur
51160 Avenay-Val-d'Or

Champagne Dechelle Henri Et Fille

3 Rue Paul Doumer
02400 Brasles

Itineraire Y

6 Rue des Semonts
51200 Épernay

Champagne Piot Sevillano

23 Rue d'Argentelle
51700 Vincelles
10€ - 15€

Champagne Legras & Haas

9 Grande Rue
51530 Chouilly

Champagne Selosse

59 Rue de Cramant
51190 Avize

Champagne Aurore Casanova

64 Avenue Jean Jaurès
51200 Épernay

Some advice to prepare your trip in the champagne region:

Winalist helps you organise your stay according to your budget and desires. Whether plan on travelling alone, with a group of friends, as a couple or with your family, on Sundays, weekends or weekdays, you can book and enjoy the activities offered by our partners (cellar visits, tasting sessions, wine tasting workshop, etc.)
You will also discover a selection of wineries offering accommodation on site and some cultural ideas to enhance your stay.
Depending on the season, the tourism activity is more or less intense, so it is important to plan ahead especially if you want to come during the harvest season.

Want to visit the famous champagne cellars of Reims?

We advise you to ride along the champagne touristic route from Reims where you can visit its historic cathedral. Then drive up to Epernay, capital city of Champagne. A major city in the development of wine tourism, its main avenue where large houses such as Moët and Chandon, Mercier, Boizel, De Venoge, etc. are located is labelled the most expensive avenue in the world. Finally head to Troyes to offer you an unforgettable journey in the heart of the hills and terroir champenois.